biodynamic sparklings

About me.

Pure and bone-dry sparkling wines.

Naturally bottle fermented without any additives.

My grapes are grown after biodynamic principles,
certified demeter, are hand-picked and foot-rodden.

Natural fermentation inside the bottle using wild yeasts.


Biodynamic sparklings #sxymade.

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My Wines. Botanical sparklings.

I am working with fresh biodynamic botanicals.
I love the impact of herbs to our body.

Nettle, elderflower and rose are getting blended as tea with grape must and directly filled in the bottle to ferment naturally with wild yeasts.


Absolutely bone-dry. Refreshing. Pure botanical sparklings.


My Passion. Nature.

My life is about biodynamic winemaking.

Pure & honest.

From the vineyards directly inside the bottle.
You just need nature.


Hochdeutsch Wein


Julie-Ann Hoch


Schlosssteig 3,
A-3506 Hollenburg

Phone: +43 676 590 24 34




Franz Hofstätter

             Demeter - biodynamische Landwirtschaft   Österreichische Landwirtschaft AT - BIO - 401
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Hochdeutsch Wein - Julie-Ann Hoch -
Christoph Hoch GmbH, Schlosssteig 3, 3506 Hollenburg, Austria
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